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Eros: Introduction


HER...Over the many years I have tried to describe her beauty to others however as the days turn into years and the years turn into centuries like a broken jigsaw puzzle I lose the image of her in my head. Soon my purpose in this life became my curse. I broke the rules of the god counsel and even though my mother was one of the highest ranked goddesses she could not get me pardoned for my mistake. 

You see no demi or full god was to ever love a human. So, I was to live my life in eternity inspiring others and guiding others to love yet not being able to fully receive love in return. As far as Syche, she was also punished, and her spirit was turned semi-immortal. This means every lifetime she only lives to the age of 33. Her body would die, and she would be reborn to new parents with no idea of this continuum. At each birth I would be able to identify her less and she would not know who I was if I happen to cross her path. Even though I have no idea how she looks, I have not forgotten the scent of her beauty and the smile on her face. I have vowed to outlast this punishment to find her. There have been at least 73 rebirths. I must find her, and I will, even though I have no idea how. So, for now all I do is travel from day to day helping others find, experience, and believe in love while deep down I search for my one true love. No one is supposed to know who I am...

To be continued 

#whoistyfoard #ErosTy #IAMHE #badguyish

Behind the Mic

This is a small collection of some poetry and spoken word pieces recorded with music. Please take note some tracks are Adult Content. I hope you enjoy. 


01 She FlowsTy Foard (Eros) ft. YSL
00:00 / 04:26

Adult Content

Hypothetically...of courseTy Foard
00:00 / 03:23

Adult Content

Your Temptation ft. YSLTy Foard
00:00 / 03:59

Sensual/Adult Content

Maybe Just MaybeTy Foard
00:00 / 03:34

Social & Political Content 

Kingdom Come ft. YSLTy Foard
00:00 / 03:49




Crush How did I fly this far only to fall in love…? So now I have the similarities of a fallen angel Fear me not for I bring you good tidings of great joy… You can’t see me you only feel me…and I can’t touch you Forbidden … how hard is it for the darkness to exist in the light I have been wrestling with angels in thought all night… And I vowed not to let go until they bless me To speak to you… Just for a moment…for in your world I don’t exist… How hard is it for the light to allow the darkness to stay? when it enters the room… the creator is calling me back for my next assignment he knows my heart, so he keeps me moving … but somehow in the middle of this heavenly rush I saw you, and developed a crush

#whoistyfoard #iWrite #IAMHE #badguyish

Crush fin.png



Forbidden Love I have a pain that lives in my body It hurts me but calms me It soothes me It is true pain, yet it heals me It hurts but restores me Just like a god spirit it fills me… My lips say much but no one hears My eyes see a future Like love wrapped in the fabric of tomorrow’s years… Romeo said That Juliet was the east Then you must be the sky Or the entire atmosphere at least Sweet Capulet I have denounced the house of Montague To love you …Until death finds me… Like a Shakespearian tragedy… I am the 8th son of Jesse and I have slain thousands To be anointed with your grace I now bath in your smile…your style, your face I watched you like David did Bathsheba From the rooftop But the only sin committed Was the moment I tried to stop, loving you Surely goodness and mercy will follow you

#whoistyfoard #iWrite #IAMHE #badguyish



With eyes of gold, 

with hair of gold

Behold this very soul

My soul sister...

Neo-Bold sister

Sweet ebony bronzed skinned baked by the sun...

Please...for I will

Cherish her like pure 


#whoistyfoard #badguyish #iWrite #IAMHE

By Any Chance

Excuse me,

but if I may have a moment of your time...

Someone said you were searching for love

By any chance...

Did you notice

the day I passed your way?

#whoistyfoard #badguyish #iWrite #IAMHE




I want to fall in love with you everyday...

everyday as if it was the first day...

hold on to you like it's the last day...

dream with you as if we have forever and a day...

If tomorrow ever comes...

will you come back?

So, I can love you all over again...

but maybe better than before...

I want to grow in love with you today

and tomorrow that growth will bloom...and the next 

day will be our harvest...

I want to...

fall in...

grow in...

dream of...

build a...

love with you 

#whoistyfoard #badguyish #iWrite #IAMHE

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