"She can be anything she want to be...even bad"


My Story

I’m dedicated to bringing the beauty of every person to the forefront of their exterior through the style choices they make. For me, fashion and art are a way of life. My hope is to share my love for the two through My Bad Brand. I’ve been creating timeless pieces for myself and for friends for as long as I can remember, ultimately leading me to open my own business in 2000. Let’s create something beautiful together; get in touch with me today.

The BAD GIRL BRAND Collection

Summer Bad Girl

Hip skirt promo.png

Summer Hip Skirt

Custom made asymmetric cut skirt for a day at the pool or a hot dance event. Consult with us for pattern type & sizes



SHE Blouse 

Custom made asymmetric cut off the shoulder blouse. Consult with us for pattern type & Sizes



SHE Shorts

Custom short with high waist cut and high thigh length. Consult with us for sizes and pattern types.



BAD Girl Mask

Logo colors vary - your choice

Mask color- Black or White



The Bad Girl Brand Promo Tee

Lady Promo Tee

Sizes  from S-2XL

Colors: Black, White, Pink, Turquoise  


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